About The Theoretics Liberty Party

The Theoretics Liberty Party (known from here on as The Liberty Party) is not an institution. There is no central committee, fundraising or membership list. It is a simple platform of principles. They are so obvious as to be self-evident. These principles are ignored by this world’s current domination-for-self-glorification-pyramid culture. The old world is failing. Change will happen. Think about what will be. Create it.

Fundamentally the change is a spiritual one. The failed and yet still most common reality consensus is that we manipulate the external world to yield internal results. Getting stuff is expected to at least be a soporific that enables us to avoid confronting our insecurities. Once all our conceivable material desires are met and we still feel unsatisfied the next step of this flawed strategy is to try and control material reality itself rather looking inward to confront our fears and grow beyond them into Love.

The planet on which we live is being destroyed because the world is mindlessly pursuing that flawed strategy. The antidote to all the problems we face begins with the recognition that we have it backwards. Reality is created from the inside out not outside in. When we find the source of Love within us the external world will be a reflection of that. This discovery is up to each individual, the ultimate decentralization.

As individuals truly find Love they begin to radiate it. That can’t be faked. Groups are forming right now in creation of new communities. The radiant energy of people combines in a geometric progression is rather than merely added together. Voluntary associations of those folks are be so dynamic that the old materialism just isn’t attractive by comparison. That’s how the world is changing.

The Liberty Party isn’t a normal political institution. Embracing the principles of the platform is the only membership. If you choose to identify with those you are a member if you wish. It is that simple. There are no costs or any further action on your part. In a relatively short time political parties will cease to be needed at all. There will little dispute of the basic principles for creating a durable civilization just discussions over their best implementation. The intent will be to allow endless variations. After all life is constant experiment. Everyone should participate in it.

Of course if you do wish announce your endorsement of TLP you can send a short essay to the contact address for inclusion in the Viewpoints page. If you have a compelling addition to the Platform or an addition to the blog you may use the contact address as well. Remember we are looking at principles that are so universal and obvious from the perspective of a healthy world and society that they will seem blindingly obvious.

There will be free stickers and other little gewgaws as time goes on for those who wish to identify with the party. Here’s the first…
If you wish to obtain one of these vinyl stickers please send a mailing address to the contact email.

SMHeart Welles B Goodrich