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My Embrace of Liberty

by Welles B Goodrich

Our viewpoints are very different. That’s a given. If you disagree with all or part of my perspective — feel free — you’re at liberty to do so. The one thing I promise is that when I do something that may affect your life I’ll consider whether I would wish to have someone do it to me. If the answer is no, I won’t do it. Nor are you compelled to pay attention to my view. Simple, huh? That is all we need to live with liberty.

As I see it the universe in which I find myself has its foundation in a Creator aka God. I don’t have a particularly accurate visualization of reality but it is getting slightly less murky by the day. In a very real sense the entire Universe, both seen and unseen is the body of God. All personalities, the element of our beings that are uniquely individual, find their origin within that Source. HeSheIt is also a person among many other attributes beyond our capacity to appreciate.

As far as we small bits of personality are concerned we have been created to expand the potentials of God through our experience. We are each unique parts of the whole. That unique aspect is intentional and valuable to the Creator. We are each creators; that’s with a small ‘c’. Actually we are co-creators. It is through our unique connection to relatively greater levels of Divinity that allows those new potentials to come through us and to be realized as inspirations and creations in our particular plane of existence.

But there is a twist to the whole scheme. Free will is a fundamental mandate for all personalities. It is the right of each person to discover and embrace that connection for him or herself. Liberty is the human expression of the Divine principle of free will. That has to include the potential to err. Rectified mistakes are the compost pile of spiritual growth. However manipulating others into or consciously embracing error is not real and won’t persist. So take your pick. Survival in the reality of goodness is the only game in town. One may seem to get away with evil in time but not eternity.

Any durable human social system will have Liberty at its foundation. That maximizes each human potential. In being the best for each, it is the best for all.

SMHeart Welles