Sooner Than You Think

In this blog I’ll be offering ideas for building a world of Love. The foundation will be liberty. The ideal will be that every person of normal capacity will initiate the course of action that supports his or her life. This right to self-determination is in alignment with the larger purpose our lives, that of spiritual development.

I know that these ideas and ideals will cause some emotional distress. For example when I propose it is time to replace the idea of ownership with stewardship you may immediately reject the notion. You may have gone into debt to be an owner. After all that’s the way the world works and you can’t conceive of such a change.

Most people just try to go along. Major changes aren’t really desirable for they require upheaval. However the world as we’ve known it is changing whether we like it or not. The spirit of that change is whether we continue to react to our fears or create with Love. Fear is manifested as destruction. Love yields beauty, truth and goodness as the by products of its expression.

The greatest hurdle to manifesting that change is simply that most people are trained into dependency upon hierarchies of authority. It is a reaction beneath conscious decision supported by almost every institution. The root of that dependency is the fear of personal competence. That’s why your initial reaction to these suggestions for building a new world may be, “That won’t work because…”

The answer is discovered in each individual as they confront their own patterns of fears, vanquish them and begin creating instead of reacting. The guidance system is as simple as looking into your heart. The old world of fear is a failure. Love is the answer. Accepting personal sovereignty and responsibility is the human birthright. Embrace it. This shift in consciousness will be realized sooner than you think.

SMHeart Welles B Goodrich